In Finland

Qiyu is known as the Five-year-old national chess champion in the Under10 open section in the Finnish National Chess Championship, 2005.
See the brief information in English below: “In the tournament the five-year-old girl Qiyu Zhou became the youngest champion of Finland in chess ever when she won the gold medal. Shakki-77 (Oulu), Qiyu’s family and the coach Jouni Tolonen can be proud for the championship.”

She is also known as a Finnish textbook girl, which you can read her story in the national school textbook. She had a great time in her beloved Oulu International School, and a couldn’t be better childhood in Finland.

Nowadays, Finnish people ask her: “How does it feel to be in a textbook?”
“In the textbook, my life forever stays at the age of five, but I need to live in the real life, because success belongs to the past.”

Below is her story from the national Finnish textbook.

photo 2
photo 1

Some other news about Qiyu Zhou from the Finnish media:

Qiyu was mentioned as one of the most famous figures in the 400-year-old history of Oulu, Finland

In 2010, Qiyu won the National Finnish Women’s Chess championship held in Helsinki, Finland

March 14, 2012 17:58 Chess in schools program was endorsed by EU Parliament, and I am one of the three ambassadors (Mr. Mihail Gorbaczev, Ms. Zsusza Polgar, and Qiyu Zhou)

In Finlnd , the children enjoy these two things every day in the long winter time, and they including Qiyu can’t find time for chess. They have a pressure and competition-free time at home, school and in the society. The photos of Qiyu were taken at the age of 6 in Oulu, Finland.

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