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An Interview: “WIM Qiyu Zhou reached the goal to become a world champion. Now remains one dream: to win the Nobel Prize”


Qiyu Zhou was born 2000, and was a winner already as a 5-year-old girl. She won the Finnish championship in chess for children under 10 years age. She defeated five years older players to take the title. Her biggest success is winning the World Championship for girls under 14 years age. During 2015 she took the title WIM, women’s international master. Her ELO-rating is 2318.

Qiyu Zhou was born in China, moved to France as a very young child and came to Finland as a four year old. She lives in Canada nowadays. So the first question is naturally:

How many languages can you speak?

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My new website for Origami: Origami helps develop spatial visualization

Origami in Education

Abstract: Origami is an educational tool of great value. A partial list of these benefits includes: visual sequential memory, ability to follow directions (visual or auditory), eye hand coordination, spatial perception, and fine motor skills. The child also develops associative thinking skills, improves patience, concentration, and attention to details. Most of all, it involves emotions, which can calm down the hype-active children and excite the bored ones in the class.

1. Introduction
When a child is faced with a piece of blank paper he/she has an urge to draw on it, which is  one type of creative activity. But very rarely does the child think of folding this piece of paper into something, another type of creative activity.  Continue reading

Why Chess is Important to Our Personal Growth—Written by Qiyu Zhou

I have been passionate about chess since I started this game at the age of three years and 10 months. By taking international competitive chess tournaments and championships, I have visited over 37 countries and made a lot of friends. I understand that people from all backgrounds, ages, ethnic races and genders can enjoy and/or succeed at chess. These trips have widened my view, deepened my knowledge , and let me visit numerous amazing places as well as meet amazing people around the world. This rich experience helps me appreciate and understand different cultures, geographies, and become more open-minded to different things. Chess has sharpened my mind and developed both my IQ and EQ in general. It develops my ability to visualize moves and patterns in mind, and helps me to create plans and focus my thoughts and energy to solve complicated problems as they occur. One such example is in math, where chess helps my spatial skills. The skills in chess can help me apply my knowledge in dynamic and creative ways. It is reported by scientific research that all these skills are transferable to other academic fields and to daily life. For example, I have a very strong academic background, and have loved physics since I was four years old. In my spare time I read a lot about quantum physics. I am adept at computing. I also enjoy various sports, such as badminton and tennis, and arts, especially graphic design and music. I am also a competitive swimmer and have trained in Toronto and Ottawa, and won many regional places. We know that everyone is born with special talents, and we are all special as individuals.  I understand that no matter how talented one is, hard work is the only way to accomplish a dream. Playing chess raises my self-esteem and tells me that hard work is the key to every success. Chess brings me a peaceful mind, and tells me the positive way to face both losses and wins. Chess teaches me that determination and self-motivation are one of the keys to succeed in life. This game also teaches me about sportsmanship and to never give up when facing challenges and difficulties. Chess develops my ability to think logically and to have intellectual creativity. Chess also tells me that I can be the leading person in one special area in the world. By teaching chess to other children, I am happy to find that the excited kids can calm down, and the overly hyper ones can sit and play a board game for hours. Though I am still not successful in chess,  so far this hobby  has contributed a lot to my personal growth both in life and school.

Note:  Chess in schools program was endorsed by EU Parliament in March 2012, and I am one of the three ambassadors (Mr. Mihail Gorbaczev, Ms. Zsusza Polgar, and Qiyu Zhou)