On McGill Rapid Open, April 29, 2017

Qiyu Zhou won this year’s McGill Rapid Open with 4.5/5 in the Open Section, which  attracted around 88 chess players; while the open section had 14 title players, 2 IMs , several strong FMs and some of the strongest juniors from Canada. Here is the result and pairing:


Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 10.27.12 PM.png

Every year from March to the end of May, it is Qiyu Zhou’s busiest track and field months.  She makes no room for chess. This is what she is passionate about every day:


But we can always make exception for McGill Open, because  its former president Felix  Dument has been very supportive to Qiyu.


Qiyu Zhou in McGill Rapid Open April, 28th, 2017 

The McGill chess club president Houji Yao welcomed Qiyu in the opening speech and congratulated  Qiyu with a handwritten letter.


Even though it’s a very small achievement , the respect shown to the chess players by the hospitable organizers( volunteers of the university students), as well as the serious and strong opponents made the tournamant a real enjoyment.

Thanks for reading Houji Yao’s reflection on this tournament:


Congratulations to all the Winners!  Best wishes to McGill University and the chess club, and wish you many more successful chess tournaments! Chess players, thanks for supporting subsequent  McGill events!

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