A Brief Report on Ontario Open 2015 in Brantford

Ontario Open 2015 in Brantford is a great feast, which  left Qiyu a lot of unforgettable and sweet memories. She feels that chess players in Canada are also well-respected and recognized by the society. During the opening ceremony, Mr. Gashgarian presented Qiyu with a custom- made ceramic plaque (with her name on it!!!) in recognition of her world youth title. The organizers have also fund-raised $800 for helping her chess trips. We also feel privileged to get to know our host family Mr. John Vlasov, and we had a great time with him, and with his caring and hospitable wife. Qiyu doesn’t feel that chess is a lonely and individual game anymore, instead a lot of great friends are behind her and supporting her efforts in many different ways. The organizers did a great job in inviting GMs and very strong players to compete in this open. They held a very classy and splendid opening ceremony. The thoughtful organizers have raised chess to a new level and ignited the passion of the chess players and youths with high prizes for winners in each category and good conditions (e.g. free healthy fruits, coffee, tea, and snacks). Here are some photos from the opening ceremony.


At the opening ceremony, Brantford town crier Mr. David Mckee officially announced the beginning of the tournament , Note: Look at our GMs’s big smile, the announcement must be very funny!


The city councillor, Mr. Neumann standing behind on the left later gave a welcome speech on behalf of the Mayor


All the players are laughing at the chess-themed cry.



What are you talking to the crier?

This is the final standing of the open section. http://brantchess.ca/2015ontarioopen/index.html Qiyu got 3/6, two wins against our very strong senior players, and two draws against two FMs, and lost to two FMs, a normal performance. The last game was with her friend FM Michael Song, who played his Dutch opening amazingly well, while Qiyu has never encountered this opening before. The whole game Michael played very well, and led the time discrepancy to 1.21 hours VS Qiyu’s one minute in the middle game. Before the last round pairing came out, there was a funny conversation between Qiyu and her chess friend who said that he really didn’t want to play with Michael in the last round, while Qiyu said she really wanted to, because Michael has really impressed Qiyu in U16 chess Olympiad with his strength. And she was happy that they played. This was the only game Qiyu played much below her strength. The other 5 games more or less reflected her current level which also need a lot of improvement. Our strong opponents help us improve. This is why chess players always appreciate the participants of serious GMs, IMs, and FMs and enjoy playing with them. From this perspective, we appreciate that Brantford organizers invited so many strong players and chess lovers to involve in the feast. All in all, Brantford chess club, Mr.Rob Gashgarian, Mr. Lee Hendon, Mr. Tony Ficzere, Mr. John Vlasov , Mr. Hal Bond , and all the volunteers did a great job. This is a great tournament. Thank you very much for all your great efforts in bringing chess fans such an amazing chess feast! Hope to play in your tournaments next time and welcome to play in RA chess club, Ottawa. Reported by Qiyu Zhou’s mom, Changrong Yu

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