Spring Activities 2015: Qiyu won 2nd place in pole vault in Ottawa track and field finals

The spring of Ottawa just came several days ago. It’s time to do more outdoor sports, and Qiyu is engaging with the training of  pole vault and triple jump.  Pole vault is definitely harder than chess! We’ll know how far she can go after the initial two-month training . In the recent Ottawa track and field finals on May 19, 2015, she won the 2nd place in pole vault. In her school field and track day, she set a new grade 9 school record, 8.95m in triple jump. Compared with professional atheletes, these are nothing. However, the results are quite decent for a full-time IB high school girl and chess player.


One of the ealiest trainings as a fresh starter on April 8, 2015 


Training in pole vault on May 13, 2015 before the Ottawa city finals 


2nd place in the city finals on May 19, 2015 after a month and half training in her spare time 

turning from a chess player to a pole vaulter 

We haven’t written anything yet after our trip in France and Iceland. The main reason was that Qiyu and I were attacked by a cold and fever in Cappelle-la-Grand, France and the situation became even worse in Iceland. However, Qiyu still strove to finish all her games in Iceland.  Regardless of all the odds, it was a great tour in Europe, and Qiyu was very glad to re-visit her childhood countries once in a while thanks to the organizer’s sponsorships. She spent some time with her former chess opponents from Nordic countries. And the frequent question asked by her old childhood opponents was “Why is your rating still so low?”  Yeah, they have at least overtaken 2300 FIDE rating. I think the main reason is that she really enjoys her academic studies in the school,  and she also loves competing in other sports as well. And she wants to be the one who can sponsor and help others after she finishes her education. Of course, if she can spare more time on chess, the result will be really different. As I have discussed in my other blogs, if you want to be the top one in chess in the world, be focused and rejecting all other distractions.

Posted by Qiyu’s mom , Changrong Yu ,http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Changrong_Yu

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