Thoughts on the Recent Report—written by Qiyu’s mom

The reporter, Mr. Matthew Little, really impressed me with all his thoughtful and insightful questions that connected chess with life. Because I believe that everything is related in this world. Qiyu’s words were so simple and direct – that winning a world championship has meant accomplishing one of her early childhood dreams, but that this is indeed only a very small step in her life. One of her favorite pictures speaks of her explanation that compared to the ocean, our individual successes are so small and trivial.


Qiyu Zhou on the beach of the Indian Ocean, Durban, South Africa, Sept. 2014

We all have dreams, no matter if they are big or small. Some of us may be lucky and achieve them, or maybe we’ve tried and couldn’t. How many of us live a life that is what we wanted at the beginning? The most important thing is that we’ve enjoyed the journey of walking towards our dreams. If we enjoy the path, we won’t have any regrets in life. So many times in my life I have shed tears over the 2nd the 3rd place finishes, and over all the unsung heroes including my daughter. I am simply moved by everyone’s efforts.
The reporter says that “At 14 years old, Qiyu Zhou is one of those children parents like to imagine they will raise.” Certainly I disagree with this, because every child is the ideal and favorite one in his/her parents’ eyes, and this feeling is the key to the progress of our human journey. The most important thing is that we love and support our children unconditionally. When Qiyu was young, her father and I discussed why she didn’t choose to run the 100-meter sprint, and then the family could go home happily after a few seconds without waiting for as long as chess takes. But we are so glad that she is the way she is.
Thanks Mr. Little, for your profound questions that connected life with chess, although Qiyu’s point of view, as that of a 14-year-old girl, still needs the ripening of age.

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