Thoughts on the Olympiad and Thanks so much for your generous donations

Thoughts on the Olympiad I am quite satisfied with my debut in the Olympiad, scoring 6.5/9. I believe this tournament has not only broadened my knowledge of chess, but has also taught me many psychological values that are equally important.

It was a pleasure to be able to play among the top players, and to be able to see so many different cultures come together to play this constantly growing game. There were many new experiences, both on the chess board and off. Playing in a team for example has taught me values about cooperation. On the chess board, I have learned about new mistakes, things I could vastly improve on, and many other things, such as how to deal with time trouble. I feel very privileged to have been able to represent Canada in such a prestigious event. Tromsø itself was a very nice city, with good facilities and impeccable scenery. The view from the top of the mountain was great, albeit the extremely rainy (and cloudy) weather. The cold air was a pleasant change from the hot Canadian summer. Personally, the food was excellent, with fish and potatoes being the main dishes. Dessert was always delicious, as the staff found new ways to satisfy hungry chess players. Team Canada did very well this year, both the women’s and men’s teams. The women’s team had good chances, and finished 41st. The men’s team tied extremely tough opponents such as USA and Israel.

Below is the final standing of Canadian Women’s team in the 41st Olympiad Tromso 2014 Women Below is my result in the 9 games I played, scored 6.5/9.

4 WCM Zhou Qiyu 2109 CAN 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 ½ 6.5 9 2094 6.5 6.25 0.25 40 10.0
Zhou Qiyu WCM 2109 CAN Rp:2094
Rd. SNo Name Rtg FED Rp Pts. Res. Bo.
1 558 Nurse Lydia 1364 BAR 1358 5.0 w 1 4
2 183 Luong Phuong Hanh 2171 VIE 2251 7.0 w 0 3
3 535 Joao Delfina 1534 ANG 1504 3.5 s 1 3
5 476 Jacobsen Elise Sjottem 1697 NOR 1695 2.5 w 1 4
6 283 Revo Tatiana 2023 BLR 2178 3.0 s 0 4
7 440 WFM Comas Colon Rinelly M. 1762 PUR 1807 4.5 s 1 3
9 352 WFM Jalloul Maya M. 1922 LIB 1840 5.0 s 1 3
10 206 WFM Novkovic Julia 2131 AUT 2007 4.0 w 1 4
11 155 WFM Machalova Veronika 2214 SVK 2340 5.0 s ½ 4

I would like to thank the Canadian chess federation and FQE and all the people involved for making this possible. I want to contribute more points to our women’s team and help the team stand on the podium next time. ——— donation website: Thanks so much for your generous donations with helping Qiyu accompolish her chess dream. She is preparing for WYCC2014.

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